Waterdrop by Kirsty Pargeter

When the drop merges in the ocean
it becomes the ocean
When the devotee of the Lord goes beyond death
He/she becomes the immortal On


Anodea Judith The Illuminated Chakra's:


To kill living beings for one's pleasure or palate is an unpardonable sin.
No amount of charity can ever wash it off.
One will have to suffer severe punishment for the act of killing.
It is a mockery to think of meeting God while destroying his creature.
Those who kill living creatures seldom think how they would themselves
feel if they were to meet the same fate as that of their victims.
But according to the inviolable law of karma,
they cannot avoid going through the same fate
at the hands of their victims.


By killing living creatures, O Ravidas,
How can God ever be found ?
Have not saints, prophets and holy men
Explained this truth profound?

While cutting the head of a living creature, O Ravidas,
The foolish ones call it a 'holy sacrifice'.
If they get their own heads chopped off,
How will they themselves feel inside?

If for the sake of oneself,
Ones goes to kill another;
Then reaching the court of the Lord, O Ravidas,
A severe punishment does one suffer

Kill not any living being, says Ravidas,
Living being veritably are one with God.
Even if millions of holy crows are given in charity,
The sin of killing cannot be washed off.

Do not though kill any living creatures, O Ravidas,
The same Lord dwells in all.
The same self pervades all beings,
No other is there at all.

Guru Ravidas
Life and Teaching